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Looking for a Fingerprinting Location that takes Ink Fingerprinting?

Traditional Ink Finger Printing serves to help applicants get a complete background check and screening from the FBI to assist in gaining employment quickly , upgrade

from immigrant status to US resident/citizen status, or simply obtain a background check report for personal use (i.e. expunge a criminal record). 

Fast Turn Around Time of Results

Once the FBI background Check Department recieves your FD258 Ink Card , a background check report will be generated and immediately sent to you or your authorized person, (i.e. an employer, lawyer , or immigration specialist) to complete your screening process.

Avoid Delays and Rejections of Bad Fingerprints

Our Fingerprinting specialist helps you take clear and accurate fingerprints that are accepted by FBI the first time you submit them.

Get Started Now for a Low Price

The first card is $21, then $10 for additional cards. Acceptable forms of payments are Cash , credit and debit cards. Call Us Now at (310) 677-5000 .

Bonus: Know What is on your CA Background Check before Anyone Else.

Obtain your Background Check report (known as "Record Review") from California Dept of Justice through a live scan. This serves to inform you of any misdemeanor or criminal history ONLY in the State of California. No need for ink , instead, fingerprints are submitted electronically by Live Scan, therefore you will get your results within 7 days (Instead of a 3 - 6 weeks with the Ink Card).

Click here to Get Your California Background Check.

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