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Why do I need to get my fingerprints taken?

You must pass the Criminal Background Investigation (a record review) before you

can be authorized to be paid through the IHSS program.

Where do I get my fingerprints taken?

Our facility is a DOJ approved Live Scan site in Los Angeles County. We are listed under the city of "Inglewood", and our facility is "Notary Public Center, CNSA Los Angeles".  You can further verify us by going to DOJ official website at .

Who pays for the fingerprints/Background check?

State law requires that the IHSS applicant pay for the fingerprint/background process.  We are currently running an IHSS Live Scan SPECIAL for $47.00 Our accepted methods of payment are cash and credit/debit card. (There is a $3.00 convenience fee if you use a credit/debit card.)

What must I take with me to my live scan fingerprinting site?

1) the "Request for Live Scan Service Form" given after orientation.

2) Your photo ID (valid driver license, valid California ID , or a valid US Passport) and

3) Payment

What happens at the live scan site?

A Live scan technician will take your fingerprints and electronically submit them to DOJ. Once you have completed , the technician will return two copies of the Request for Live Scan service form to you. Put one of the copies of that form in the enclosed self addressed return envelope and mail it to PASC. Keep the other copy for your records.

What if I have already had a live scan done?

Even though you may have had a live scan done previously for other reasons, you are still required to undergo a Live Scan for the purpose of employment as an IHSS provider.

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State law requires all IHSS homecare providers to submit their fingerprints and undergo a Criminal Background Investigation , administered by the State Department of Justice (DOJ) , as a part of the new mandatory enrollment process for process for providers. Complete your Live Scan now so you can start getting paid as a IHSS provider. Call Now (310) 677-5000 .

IHSS Special Live Scan Fee - $47.00

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