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 Report Details

     What to Expect to See on Your

     Background Check / Criminal History:

  • If you have any Arrest or Convictions
  • Date of conviction
  • Case Number
  • Code name & section number of violation
  • If there was a verdict or did you enter a plea (i.e. "guilty", "no contest", etc. )
  • Length of time on probation
  • If you were ordered to pay fines, restitutions or reimbursements
  • Were you sentenced to state prison & location of state prison
  • date of release
  • If you were released on parole & what date did the parole end.

How a Criminal Record keeps you Unemployed for Life | Background Check

Do you want to know what employers see when they receive your live scan report? Understand , what they see can determine the outcome of your employment.

A criminal record can make life difficult if you were arrested or convicted , or both , even if you were a juvenile . For example, employers and landlords can ask job applicants and renters if they have ever been convicted or arrested for a criminal offense. Therefore, employers might not hire and landlords might not rent to people who answers "yes" to these questions.

However, if you forgotten the details of your criminal history, you can obtain a copy from the California Dept of Justice (DOJ) by getting a Record Review mailed to you in 7 days, by first getting a live scan.

Benefits of Getting a Your Criminal History

  • View Arrest Records
  • Instant Background Checks
  • Criminal Record History
  • Helps with Expungement ( process of sealing petty arrest & misdemeanor conviction records)

Get started in 3 easy steps:

  1. Complete this live scan form ( BCIA 8016RR.pdf ) 
  2. Check "Record Review" as the Type of Application
  3. Bring the form to our Facility for Live Scan Fingerprinting

      Only $46.00 to obtain a copy of your Background Check / Criminal Report

Criminal Report