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 Report Details

     What to Expect to See on Your

     Background Check / Criminal History:

  • If you have any Arrest or Convictions
  • Date of conviction
  • Case Number
  • Code name & section number of violation
  • If there was a verdict or did you enter a plea (i.e. "guilty", "no contest", etc. )
  • Length of time on probation
  • If you were ordered to pay fines, restitutions or reimbursements
  • Were you sentenced to state prison & location of state prison
  • date of release
  • If you were released on parole & what date did the parole end.

Instant Access to your Background Check Report

By getting a Personal Record Review , you will have special insight to information in your background check report, such as felonies, misdemeanors, court records, verdict outcomes , everything that may give reason to your employer to either deny or approve you as an employee.

Why should I Care for Getting a Copy of my own Background Check results ?

With knowing what is on your report you will no longer be oblivious or unaware, left wondering if your report contains favorably good or negative information about you that dictates your employment outcome. In your hands, this report empowers you to correct unfavorable information or perhaps, reinforces why you are a great candidate for immediate hire.

What if I have Negative Marks or Indication on my Background check?

The benefit of you knowing this information prior to future employment is that you can challenge false information and correct them, or assist in removing minor offenses (i.e. expunge process).

If I know I have a Good record, why must I get Screened with Live Scan?

Job applicant screening are necessary in order to verify the integrity and honesty of employees and is only available with a live scan fingerprinting background check.

Get started in 3 easy steps:

  1. Complete this live scan form ( BCIA 8016RR.pdf ) 
  2. Check "Record Review" as the Type of Application
  3. Bring the form to our Facility for Live Scan Fingerprinting

Back Ground Check Report